Fonderie d'art Bronze
Bronze coulé dans un moule

Lost Wax Bronze Casting course

at Sainte Cécile les vignes in Provence - France


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Training course: 5 days, 6 trainees
What you get during the course: the trainee bring her/his own sculpture. She/he is guided step by step through a systematic approach to cast a copy in bronze of the sculpture, until the last step: the secrets of patina! The trainer will also go through the steps of building home made furnaces.

What you get after the course: The trainer stays available for free to help and advise those who would like to create their own foundry back home.

What is particular with Fonderie d'Art Bronze: The training center is officialy recognized and registered as a Technical Training Center under French law. So far, more than 850 people were trained in French, English and Spanish.


Stuart ROUSSEL - Mas de la Châtière - 84290 Sainte-Cécile-les-vignes - FRANCE

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