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Program of the course

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Description of the course period:
5 days from Monday 9:00 AM to Friday 4:00 PM.
We do an average of 2 courses per month.

! ! Bronzoscope ! !

(8 to 11 hours of work)

  • General presentation of the Lost Wax Casting
  • Execution of the elstomer and plaster mold.
  • Realisation of the wax copy.
Travail sur le moule élastomère.

(8 to 11 hours of work)

  • Rectification and preparation of the wax copy.
  • Disposition of spues and vents.
  • Execution of the contact coating and filling of the final coating to form the complete mould.
  • Loading of the oven. Start up of the heating.
Montage des évents.

(6 hours of work)
  • Observation of the temperature increase for de-waxing step, explanation of the phenomenums observed.
  • Bronze casting exercise.
  • Patination exercises.

Explanation of the key points concerning the setting-up of a lost wax casting workshop at low cost: home made killins and furnace, tools, materials, final costs of a bronze sculpture and addresses of suppliers.

Belle coulée dans une lingotière

(9 hours of work)

  • End of the mould heating, casting of the bronze, cutting of sprues and vents, chiselling and correction of the bronze sculpture.
Coulée de bronze dans le moule réfractaire
Sortie de creuset.

(5 hours of work)
  • Chiselling, patina, cleaning of the workshop.
  • End of the training at 4:00 PM.

The sculpture before chiselling.

The sculpture after chiselling and patination
Artist: Thierry Casier-Pessot-86150 Queaux-France
Tel: (00 33) 05 49 48 23 20


Number of students: 6

For a complete documentation please send usan Email : stu.roussel@gmail.com


Stuart ROUSSEL - Mas de la Châtière - 84290 Sainte-Cécile-les-vignes - FRANCE


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